Whisky & Caviar – Malmö


19:00 - 22:00


Om evenemanget

Malmö,Skåne,Gamla staden

The 12 th of Jun is everybody’s chance
to enter an eventful night with your local
SMWS Ambassador Marjana Kozul
and embrace the eloquent Scotch Malt
Whisky Society’s exclusive brand-new
bottlings. We can promise that this
chance to challenge your taste-buds is not
something you want to miss out on!
In one of the most extraordinary whisky
tastings in Bishop Gustav’s history, the
fresh-out-the-cask malt mind exploders
will be paired with carefully selected
There will be Royal Baerii, Imperial,
Ossetra, Keta and char caviar to match
each dram and draw out and compliment
the truly unique flavours of the whiskies.
The focal point of the night is, as always,
your experience, and what an experience
you are in for!
Time: 7 pm – The 23:rd of May
Price: 650:- for members. Otherwise 700:-
Swish: 123 52 89 293